Questions on prices

How much will my tattoo cost?

The minimum amount for tattooing 2 000 CZK, this price includes one correction, which is carried out one to three months after the tattooing. The price also depends on the size and complexity of the motif. We are able to give you the exact price only after a consultation about the chosen tattoo motif. The first consultation is free of charge, except for consultations to Charlie - see Price list. During the consultation we will tell you the price and for larger tattoos the number of sessions expected (number of applications) - the amount is divided into individual sessions. See Price list tab.

To arrange a date after the consultation, a deposit of 1 500 CZK to 2 500 CZK (depending on the size of the motif) is required, this is because we want to be sure that you are really interested in our time and our work. The deposit must be paid within 5 days of the appointment. Otherwise your appointment reservation will be forfeited. The appointment deposit is part of the final tattoo fee. The deposit is non-refundable, but in the event of serious complications, the deposit can be rescheduled or refunded in full. See the question below about deposits.
If it is a larger tattoo, we will prepare a sketch that is made to your exact specifications and is only for you. The sketch fee is 1 000 CZK. 

If for some reason working days do not suit you, a weekend date can be arranged individually, but this is at an additional cost of 1 500 CZK - 3 000 CZK depending on the size of the motif.
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Questions on orders

Do I need to be 18 years old?

It's better if you're already 18 years old, you don't have to refer to your legal guardian's permission.

If you are under 18, you need to bring a completed consent form with your legal guardian's signature. The form is available from us on request. Another option is to come directly with the legal guardian. Both the legal guardian and the minor client must show ID.

The minimum age we can tattoo you is 15 years old. However, we recommend a minimum age of 16, as even that extra year can be crucial during such a sensitive period of puberty :) ...
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How can I book an appointment?

The best way for us is by phone - it is the fastest.
You can also contact us by email, Facebook or Instagram. We usually reply within days, but if something is on fire - call! 

We won't let you into the salon without an appointment. We have appointment-only hours for several reasons. We have multiple tattoo artists, we rotate, so you wouldn't always be able to get the person you want to talk to here without an appointment. Also, we don't only do tattooing, but also custom painting or photography, so we may not be in the salon all the time. Another reason is that we want maximum comfort for all our clients, so we don't want a client who has made an appointment for a given time to be disturbed by another client who has not made an appointment.

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Are there waiting times?

Yes, they are. It is necessary to arrange with the tattooist right away, when you have chosen a motif or know what you would like. 
Make an appointment for a consultation or tattoo application in advance - we do not do "tattoos on hold". Do not delay in making an appointment, this will increase your waiting time. During the waiting period you can of course contact us with any questions.

Please remember that we create the artwork - even in the case of tattoos - together. If you would like to have a tattoo design made especially for you, the waiting time for a design is approximately 3 months. After that, a tattoo appointment is arranged. Appointments for clients with a design are preferred (the waiting time is usually in the order of weeks or one month).

If you just want a smaller tattoo, for which you will not need to create a tattoo design, you can make an appointment by phone (or email, Facebook) right away, the waiting time for a smaller tattoo is about 1-2 months. Then it depends on which tattoo artist you want to go to.

It is always best to contact our studio and ask what the current waiting times are. There may be fluctuations in the usual waiting times throughout the year. 
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Can I pay by card or cash only?

Now you can pay in cash or by credit card. We accept: Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Apple Pay, Google Pay.
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What rules should I observe before getting a tattoo?

It is important to observe some rules before going for a tattoo session.
One day before getting a tattoo, you should avoid:
-drinking alcohol
-drinking coffee
-consumption of narcotics
-consumption of prescription drugs which could have strong side effects
All these substances can have an adverse effect on the tattooing process – the disrupted skin bleeds more because it is diluted by alcohol or coffee – more pigment is washed out and the tattoo heals more slowly. With prescription drugs and narcotics, you are more likely to feel nauseous or have feelings of anxiety.
Please be responsible for your body and mind one day in advance.
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Can I come with a child/friend/dog?

It is important to remember that the work of a tattoo artist is not only to apply a nice picture on your body, but also to be attuned to the whole process, he must concentrate and have a certain calmness while working. 

Since there are several tattoo artists in the salon, it is impossible to go to tattoo appointments with a wide audience. We don't have an inflatable salon :) ... If you do need an escort for some reason, please let us know in advance, we will tell you if there will be more tattooists/consultations in the salon on that day. 

Because it is really important that the tattooist has peace, time, silence and can create together with the client, it is not possible to visit our salon with a child. If you come with a child, your deposit will be forfeited and you can make other arrangements. This is also about hygiene in the salon. Let's be honest - we adults don't roll around on the floor and touch things as much as our children do. 

As for dogs and cats (or any pets), sometimes there are experts who will ask if they can come in with their pet. Perhaps we can deduce, for logical reasons, that allowing an animal into a sterile environment is unrealistic. 
And since we have two dogs (outside the salon), for safety reasons, your pet would not be allowed to stay outside the salon either. 

Who can automatically be accompanied to the salon: clients with disabilities, underage clients, clients going in for a group tattoo.
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Do I need to book an appointment for my consultation or for the check-up after two weeks?

Yes, it is necessary to make an appointment for a consultation and check-up two weeks after the tattoo. The fastest way to make an appointment is by phone, or via sms, facebook, e-mail.
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When is the best time to call the studio?

Please phone only during normal working hours. Even your tattoo artist must sleep and eat. 
If we don't answer the phone, please try to call back later, we are probably tattooing. 

If you have any problems with your tattoo healing, call anytime! Just let us know as soon as possible :) Most of the time it is an inappropriate tattoo care procedure, we will suggest an individual alternative to make everything right. Every person is different and every tattoo behaves and heals differently. 
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What are the booking conditions and deposit terms for the term?

The client books the tattoo appointment in person, by phone or via e-mail, the reservation includes a deposit for the appointment.

The amount of the deposit for the appointment is determined by the tattoo artist according to the size of the motif (minimum 1500 CZK).

The client shall pay the advance payment for the appointment within 5 days from the date of booking the appointment by sending the advance payment for the appointment to the account communicated by the tattooist, or by personal handover in the salon - if not done, the appointment booking will be CANCELLED.

If the client sends money by bank transfer, they must write the name and date of the appointment in the message to the recipient - if they do not do so, the payment is not credited to the booked appointment and is VOID.

Once the deposit for the date has been sent to the account, the client is required to send a printscreen of the statement or bank statement that the deposit has been sent, this way we can be sure that the payment is indeed sent on time.

If a client cancels an appointment due to health reasons, they can move their appointment deposit to another tattoo appointment. However, medical complications must be documented with a doctor's note.

If a client needs to reschedule due to vacation, shichet, or family reasons, they must notify us at least 3 weeks prior to the scheduled tattoo appointment.

Reasons that are NOT consistent with rescheduling a tattoo appointment: shift changes at work, unscheduled vacation, forgetting an appointment, tiredness, having already had someone else tattoo it, etc.

We will only refund the booking fee in the event of serious medical complications that prevent the tattoo from being performed.

The booking is automatically FORFEITED if the client does not arrive on time for the appointment or does not arrive at all.

Booking an appointment for minors is only possible when the deposit for the appointment is handed over by the legal guardian in person, or sent to the account with a completed document of the legal guardian's consent to the tattoo.

Failure to make a tattoo appointment due to illness of the tattoo artist, injury to the tattoo artist, a visit to the tattoo artist's doctor, or due to lockdown is not grounds for a refund of the tattoo reservation fee. 

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What if I don't show up for a tattoo correction in time?

If the client does not come for correction on time (or at all), the right to correction in the price of the tattoo is forfeited. If the client wants an alternative date for the correction, there are two options on how to proceed: The client will have the correction made for a fee of CZK 1,500 - 2,500 depending on the size of the tattoo (this is the price for the materials and the tattoo artist's time), or the client will have the correction made at the same time as the new tattoo. Most tattoo studios do not even include the correction in the price of the tattoo. Therefore, please be happy that we take care of you and respect the rules we have given. 

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Queries on health status

Can you tattoo over scars?

Tattooing over scars is possible. However, it is necessary to know that the scar itself (the material from which it is formed) is only a skin substitute, not new skin. The structure of the scar is created by the body in a different way than in intact skin. 

Thus, when applied, the colour may behave slightly differently in the scar area than in the surrounding healthy skin. We have plenty of experience with tattooing over scars, and we know how to work with the tattoo design and the scar itself to make it look good.

In the scar area itself, the tattoo is usually as sensitive as the surrounding areas, but it can be a little more sensitive.
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Is it possible to tattoo over birthmarks?

It is not recommended to tattoo over marks (pigment nevi), they need to be avoided. If this were to affect the resulting tattoo design significantly, you should get these removed by your dermatologist and then have these areas tattooed once they have healed.
Birthmarks tend to move around, so it is possible that a new one might appear under your tattoo or that it can disappear. Then it is possible to complete the tattoo in the area.
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Can I get a tattoo if I have diabetes?

Diabetics can get a tattoo, but there may be complications during the healing process, as this disease can cause slower skin healing. It is therefore important to discuss your health and decision to get a tattoo with your doctor in order to avoid any complications. You need to let your tattoo artist know in advance as well. The stress experienced during the application can raise the sugar levels in your body.
If you experience any complications, please contact your tattoo artist or your doctor immediately!
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What if I’m under the influence of prescription drugs or narcotics?

If you are ill and use antibiotics, it is not a good idea to put even more stress on your organism by applying a tattoo. The composition of some pharmaceuticals and antibiotics can even affect the way the pigment enters your skin. And of course just like any other prescription drugs, this can have an adverse effect on your physical and mental condition.
Alcohol significantly affects the results of tattoo application. Alcohol dilutes your blood and wherever the tattoo pigment is applied, the blood washes it out again. The washing out of blood and pigment is much more noticeable after the consumption of alcohol. It is recommended to avoid alcohol at least 24 hours prior to application. Customers who come to our studio under the influence of alcohol are sent straight home!
Please don’t use any narcotics before getting a tattoo either. If we discover this type of altered state, we will send you home. Do not test your tattoo artist or you may not be allowed to book another session. A person under the influence may not realise that everyone else can see it, but they can…please don’t make a fool of yourself, or us for that matter!
The application of the tattoo if you are under the influence might only make you feel worse and lead to complications, nausea or anxiety, so you wouldn’t feel more relaxed, but rather give your tattoo artist unnecessary concerns and affect the quality of your tattoo.
If you arrive under the influence, the deposit for your session will be forfeited!
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What if I suffer from a skin condition?

This depends on what kind of skin condition it is. It can be herpes, psoriasis, eczema or chronic acne. You will need to discuss your decision to get a tattoo with your doctor. The reason for this is that chronic skin conditions affect your whole body. Although the tattoo itself may avoid the problematic area, the chronic condition may affect the application and healing process. The tattoo artist needs to be aware of this condition before they begin to apply the tattoo!

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What if I suffer from epilepsy?

If a client suffers from epilepsy, they should avoid getting a tattoo, as tattooing can induce an epileptic seizure. However, this also depends on how severe the disorder is. It is necessary to discuss this with your doctor. The tattoo artist needs to be aware of this condition before they begin to apply the tattoo! Tattooing a client with this disorder is at the client’s own risk.

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What if I suffer from an immune disorder – cancer or if I have undergone chemotherapy?

If a client suffers from cancer, their organism is extremely weakened and it is therefore not suitable to get a tattoo. If a client has undergone chemotherapy, it is necessary to wait for 6 months after the therapy is complete, as it is necessary for the organism to regain its strength.

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What if I suffer from an infectious disease – HIV or hepatitis?

If a client suffers from hepatitis or is HIV positive, they should avoid getting a tattoo. Their organism is extremely weakened and they would also be putting the tattoo artist’s health at risk.

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What if I suffer from a pancreatic disease?

If a client suffers from a pancreatic disease, they will need to discuss the decision to get a tattoo with their doctor. The tattoo artist needs to be aware of this condition before they begin to apply the tattoo!

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Can I get a tattoo if I am pregnant / breastfeeding?

Unfortunately, if a client is pregnant or breastfeeding, she is not allowed to get a tattoo. Tattoos during pregnancy and breastfeeding could endanger the fetus (baby) itself and the health of the mother. During the tattooing process, when there is muscle contraction (pain), premature contractions and in the worst case scenario, spontaneous abortion can occur! In the advanced stage of pregnancy, there is then a risk of premature birth! The expectant mother would also run the risk due to an unexpected allergic reaction to any of the ingredients of tattoo inks, disinfectants, etc.

It is also not advisable to tattoo while breastfeeding because of a possible allergic reaction of the baby to some of the ingredients of the tattoo ink (yes, this also gets into the breast milk). 

Be sensible and wait. Tattoos can wait :) More about tattoos during pregnancy and breastfeeding in the Blog tab.

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What if I suffer from an allergy?

Depends on what the allergy is. It is important that it is not allergies to tools, disinfectants or tattoo inks. The tattoo artist must be familiar with this fact before the actual application of the tattoo! 

Particularly dangerous allergies due to tattoos can be to metals, pollen, latex, etc. 

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Can I get a tattoo when I have Covid19?

No you can't . Same as if you have a normal flu. Cross-contamination is easy and it's not good to spread the virus and affect others. Even a slight suspicion of illness might influence the application and healing process of the tattoo.

Tattoo is an interference of person's organism. After the tattoo application the organism is weakened and the focus goes into the wound (tattoo). Then you might become prone to infections and ilness or the process of the illness or healing of the tattoo might take much longer. 

Be responsible and considerate. 
Whether it is this disease or any other illness. 
If you start feeling ill before the tattoo session date, you should inform your tattoo artist. The application of tattoo is postponed to different day/date. Do not lie about your health. 
This will help us work safer in our workplace and keep you safe at all situations.
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What if I have a disease that I'm not sure I can get a tattoo for?

It can be various illnesses - mental and physical. With mental illnesses, it always plays a role how serious the problem is, whether you are taking medication and of course the best thing to do is to consult your doctor to see if a tattoo is suitable for you. 
For physical illnesses, whether it's an autoimmune disease, a blood disease, or perhaps a medical disability, you should always consult with your doctor about whether or not a tattoo is appropriate for you. Even if you think that your illness is not related to your tattoo, you need to tell us and get advice on what and how.
Again, we repeat - tattooing is an intervention in the whole organism. We are not doctors to guess how your body will react to a tattoo. Your medical condition is known only by your treating physician. If you are aware of any illness, you are required to report it to us prior to your tattoo appointment, and if we agree to do the tattoo, you will fill out a health questionnaire on the day of the tattoo where you must truthfully fill out all illnesses you suffer from. The questionnaire is for our use only, it is not published anywhere, in short we need to make sure that we and you know what we are getting into. 
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Questions about our work

Do you do temporary tattoos for 3 to 5 years?

This type of tattoo doesn’t actually exist and it is just a way to attract people to get a poor quality tattoo using permanent make-up pigment. These are colours that can indeed disappear after some time, but only in the facial area, as the skin on some parts of the face tends to change much faster than on other parts of the body. The pigment does fade on other parts of the body as well, but usually not entirely and also very irregularly. A tattoo applied this way looks very patchy and blurry after a couple of years, with some parts completely missing. These tattoos need to be corrected constantly and this can be traumatising both for you and your wallet.
In our studio we don’t perform this type of “skin ruining” and we don’t recommend it. Our opinion is that a tattoo should make your body more beautiful and this type of permanent make-up definitely does not serve that purpose. If you already have this type of tattoo and you don’t know what to do, don’t lose hope. We will gladly help you re-apply the tattoo permanently, so that you can proudly wear it without being ashamed.
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Do you also draw tattoo sketches?

Yes, we draw. You need to make an appointment with the tattoo artist in person or by phone to discuss all the details. Sketches can be made for 1 000 CZK.

There is a waiting period of about 3 months for sketches, after the sketch is made, a tattoo appointment is arranged. 
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Do you do cover-up tattoos?

Yes, we do. Not a lot of tattoo artists do tattoo remodels. The client has to realize that when a tattoo is redone, it is generally more laborious, more time consuming and the design has to be thought about more than if it were a tattoo on "clean" skin.

The client has to realize that if he/she already has a tattoo, the makeover has to be adapted to the original tattoo and it is even more important to consult with the tattooist about the style and motif of the makeover. 

All of our tattoo artists are dedicated to redesigns, but it is important to take into consideration what style of tattoo you want to wear. Therefore, we will be happy to recommend a specific tattoo artist who will meet with you for a consultation to discuss the process.
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Are there designs and styles that you don’t do, and body parts which you wouldn’t tattoo on?

We definitely wouldn’t tattoo extremist designs. Unfortunately everyone has a different view on what is extreme. It is therefore necessary to consult what we are willing to do and what we aren’t.
We don’t tattoo on the following body parts: genitals, lips, eyelids, tongue, eyeballs, fingers, palms and soles.
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Do you do piercing?

No, we don’t.
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Where do you buy your airbrush paints and supplies?

We buy our airbrush supplies at the e-shop. We use this shop to buy WICKED airbrush paints, airbrushes, airbrush components, foils for templates, fabric paints etc.

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Do you make eyebrow adjustments - permanent tattoo?

Nope, we don't.

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Other questions

What equipment do you use?

In our tattoo parlour we try to offer our customers the best! Therefore, we use quality equipment in every way, and most of our tattoo products are vegan. All the products we use are originals and are certified for use in the Czech Republic and the EU. In addition, from 2022 we meet the new EU standards on the composition of tattoo inks.

For application we use German Cheyenne machines as well as Australian Inkjecta machines and Canadian T-Tech cartridge needles. The needles for this type of machines are already sterilised and are for single use only. All tattoo tools and accessories are also disposable in our salon.

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Tattoo and hygiene?

We comply with all requirements set by the Hygienic Station. The salon has a consistently developed Operating Regulations (approved by the Hygienic Station), according to which cleaning and disinfection of the salon is carried out. The Operating Regulations are available for inspection at any time. 
Hazardous (biological) waste is also handled appropriately in accordance with the rules on the collection of contaminated waste to eliminate the potential spread of unwanted micro-organisms. 

We are concerned about the health of the tattooist and our customers and therefore we are vaccinated against Hepatitis A and B. In addition, we use new disposable sanitary sheets on the chairs for each customer. Everything is done in surgical gloves and we keep our instruments wrapped in appropriate films and bags, which we change for clean ones each time to minimize any risk of transmitting any diseases. In addition, we disinfect everything with professional disinfectants.

All tools and accessories for tattooing, including needles, are also disposable in our salon.
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How should I take care of my tattoo?

Alcohol, coffee and other addictive substances should be avoided immediately before and after tattooing. Substandard conditions for tattooing and healing may occur.

The tattoo artist will wrap your fresh tattoo with a protective film, which should be removed after 3 to 4 hours. Hygiene is very important in this case, remove the foil with washed hands and wash the tattoo with lukewarm water and soap (preferably antibacterial). Be careful to remove any residues of blood plasma and blood that have formed under the foil. This will prevent scabbing and lengthy healing! 

The other option for tattoo protection in our salon is Suprasorb dermatological film, which is applied to the finished tattoo and left on for up to 7 days. It is a film commonly used in the medical field - it forms a so-called "second skin" (for example, on burns, abrasions). After removing the foil, wash the tattoo with lukewarm water and soap. This foil is suitable, for example, for clients working in dusty environments. This foil is included in the price of the tattoo. It is up to the client which tattoo protection option they choose. 

After washing the tattoo, dry it lightly with a napkin or a clean towel. After the tattoo has dried, apply a small layer of a cream designed to heal tattoos - Pegasus Pro, Bepanthen Tattoo. Next, apply the cream twice a day for at least two weeks (however, we recommend applying the cream for a month, this is the time it takes for the skin at the tattoo site to heal in all layers). 

If the tattoo starts to form scabs or the skin peels, avoid scratching or peeling the skin - the tattoo may be damaged!

If significant redness, pus, rash or other unusual skin reactions appear, contact our tattoo artist or our tattoo studio immediately! There is no need to panic, most of the time this is not the proper way to care for your tattoo.

For two weeks after the tattoo has been made, you should avoid saunas, baths (even splashing in the tub), salt water, and sporting activities. Getting wet or sweating disturbs the healing process and the protective layer of the skin!

The UV protection of the skin is impaired by tattooing, therefore tanning beds and sunlight should be avoided for at least one month after the tattoo has been made. It could lead to faster loss of pigment, blurred lines, but also to significant skin reactions! It is a good idea to cover or lubricate the tattoo with a high UV factor sunscreen.

After peeling off the stroma, or normally two weeks after the tattoo has been made, you can start using healing creams, hemp ointments or whatever suits you instead of healing ointments, but you need to lubricate the tattoo for at least a month after the tattoo has been made. This will prevent more extensive corrections.

Come to our tattoo parlour for a check-up two weeks after the tattoo has been made. The tattoo artist has many years of experience and knows how the tattoo should look like. It may happen that some part of the ink area or line falls out - you need to make a correction, which is free of charge and is done at least a month after the tattoo. However, if you do not attend the correction within three months of the tattoo being made, the correction will be charged. The longer the delay between the tattoo being made and the correction, the more extensive the correction is likely to be.

Remember that if you walk around with an unfinished (or uncorrected) tattoo, you are giving a bad business card not only to yourself, but also to our tattoo studio!

For more information, feel free to contact our tattoo artist or our tattoo studio, we will be happy to answer any questions! :)
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How should I take care of my tattoo in summer?

Despite various rumours, it is of course also possible to get a tattoo in summer. However, certain rules must be observed:

Do not tan the area where you want to be tattooed for at least two weeks before applying the tattoo. Otherwise, the skin will be unnecessarily irritated during tattooing.

As long as the crumb from the tattoo has not peeled off, any bathing should be avoided. See the question Tattoo care.

Fresh tattoos should be protected from the sun as much as possible! Until the skin in the tattoo area has healed (which takes about a month), it has no UV protection and there is an increased risk of diseases (skin cancer, etc.). 

It is always important to protect the new tattoo from dirt, which can easily enter the fresh tattoo and cause infection. During the spring and summer months there is an increased amount of flying particles in the air, such as pollen and dust, which can also irritate a fresh tattoo.

Also, tattoos need to be kept dry and clean. In the summer months, the body sweats a lot, so it is necessary to maintain hygiene and not to overexert the body with excessive movement or sports at least until the peel is peeled off (about 14 days).
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Bolí tetování?

Podstatné je místo tetování. Jsou obecně známá místa, kde to bolí více a kde méně. Záleží také na rozsahu tetování. Velké tetování lze samozřejmě rozdělit na více sezení. 

Je důležité si uvědomit, že každý máme jiné prahy bolesti. Záleží na tom, jak k tetování přistupujeme a jak jsme duševně sladěni s důvodem, proč si tetování necháváme.

Ať už je ozdoba jakákoli, pokud je pro vás smysluplná, musíte ji vypíchnout :).
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Do you have gift vouchers?

Yes, we do. You can choose any amount over CZK 1,000. The amount, address and date of issue are always written on the voucher. The voucher is always issued to a specific tattooist. The voucher is valid for 2 years. We do not pay money for the voucher. The voucher is handed over in person printed or can be sent online by e-mail. The voucher is transferable.
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