Ongoing exhibition of photographs by Alžběta Kapošváry

Come and see the extended exhibition of artistic nature photographs by Alžběta Kapošváry. The exhibition, entitled "Am I...walking?" is in the Mira Gallery in the Planetarium Ostrava. The exhibition will run until March 13, 2023.


Art Gallery Kapošváry (ARGAKA)

We are preparing our first, only and unique gallery in Štramberk. Mr. and Mrs. Kapošváry will exhibit their works - paintings and photographs, local products and souvenirs. The gallery will be located right on the square next to the beer baths. The opening will be in spring 2024.


Vouchers for tattoos

Stále váháte nad vhodným dárkem k Vánocům či jiným příležitostem? Darujte poukaz na tetování! :) Vouchery jsou platné 2 roky a lze je využít pro jakoukoli dospělou osobu - nejsou vázány na jméno. Nechcete si k nám přijít pro vytištěný voucher? Voucher si můžete objednat i online. Kontaktujte nás, těšíme se na vás :) .


Nikola Nixie goes on maternity leave

Nikola Nixie is going on maternity leave from mid-December. She no longer offers new dates. Thank you for your understanding!


Feelings - exhibition of photographs by Alžběta Kapošváry

We cordially invite you to an exhibition of photographs by Alžběta Kapošvára entitled Feelings. The exhibition runs from September 6, 2023 to October 18, 2023 in the Ametyst Gallery (premises of the University Hospital Ostrava). The collection Feelings focuses on nature and details of nature. The exhibition is for sale. Prints are signed and certified.


Exhibition of paintings by Martin Kapošváry - Grey Zone

We cordially invite you to the exhibition of paintings by Martin Kapošváry entitled Grey Zone.
Martin will present his airbrush paintings - dark and cheerful, classic and UV.
The exhibition will last only two days in the premises of the Fantasmagoria Art tattoo salon in Ostrava - Zábřeh on 8 September 2023 12 - 19 h and 9 September 2023 10 - 19 h.
Come and have a look, have a chat or buy a painting or print.
We look forward to seeing you, Fantasmagoria Art team

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Fantastic Ostrava 2023

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Euro Bike Fest 2023

This year we will be tattooing again at the Euro Bike Fest! Traditionally you will find us in the Big Lake Tattoo tent, which is arranged for you by Alžběta (Babet). We will be at the main stage, this year we have 8 tattoo artists, 2 barbers, 1 piercer and 1 chiropractor ready for you. We are open in all weather and will be open May 26-27 from 10am to 9pm. We tattoo the public :) We look forward to seeing you!

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Podcast Under the tattoo needle

After many questions, we have prepared a podcast from our tattoo salon. You will learn the stories of our tattoo artists, how health is related to tattooing, you will also learn interesting facts about Japanese tattoos and Tebori and many other great things! Follow our YouTube channel Fantasmagoria Art.


Vernissage of paintings by Martin Kapošváry - Hidden in the Flame 2

We cordially invite you to the exhibition of paintings by Martin Kapošváry. The first exhibition this year is entitled Hidden in Flame 2. It is a set of oil paintings on wood. Previously unpublished paintings, which you can contemplate and admire in the pleasant atmosphere of the tea (pipe) club. When: 11 February 2023 from 18:00. Where: tea club Smoke Hill (Nejedlého 991, 710 00, Slezská Ostrava). The exhibition will run until 11. 3. 2023.



The holidays are kind of coming up. Not just Christmas. Whether you're celebrating Christmas, Yule, Hanukkah or celebrating not celebrating, a voucher for a tattoo will always make you happy. How about a birthday? Not only was baby Jesus born in the winter... And your wedding anniversary? Retirement? A tattoo voucher is a suitable gift for any occasion! Buy now - write, call, send a pigeon. We have vouchers in print and online. 
PS: We also have new vouchers for consultations with Charlie. Why? Because Charlie's consultations kind of last longer than the others. The Japanese subject matter can't be rushed, and sometimes the consultations go on for two hours... 
Don't hesitate to contact us for more information. 

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Charlie's big interview for YATTA server

Our tattoo artist Charlie, who deals with Japanese tattooing, including the traditional Japanese Tebori technique - as the only one in the Czech Republic, recently had an interview for YATTA server. You can learn about how Japanese tattooing differs from traditional tattooing, why so few people do it, and what Charlie's approach to tattooing is :) . Check out the interview here: https://www.yatta.cz/2022/07/japonske-tetovani-charlie/?fbclid=IwAR3CIsk0luJopb4sOjX6xhPr5uMvnfgbScOqiUlaCZuuwSk1E670mIdV-RY


Opening and exhibition of paintings by Martin Kapošváry in Ostrava

We cordially invite you to the opening and exhibition of paintings by Martin Kapošváry. The exhibition will be held at the castle in Ostrava - Poruba. The vernissage starts on 23 June 2022 at 17:00. The exhibition will run until the end of August.
Exhibition of current works by Martin Kapošváry, the theme is surreal and cosmic galaxies. The paintings are made using acrylic on wood and airbrush on metal panels. Come and have a look! We look forward to seeing you. The exhibition is for sale.


We are in TV

A year ago, one of the episodes of the series Shadows in the Fog, produced by Czech Television, was filmed in our salon. Now the episode, in which our salon and Martin himself play, can be seen in the archive of Czech Television on their website. It's the 9th episode called "243".  


Exhibition of paintings by Martin Kapošváry in FNO (Amethyst Gallery)

Now Martin exhibits his paintings at the Ostrava University Hospital (in the Ametyst Gallery). There are paintings from two periods, two themes - oil paintings of animals and people on tan wooden panels and acrylic abstractions on wooden panels. In addition, the abstractions are painted with a 3D effect - special glasses are available for rent from the gallery owner. 
The exhibition is for sale and runs until the end of March. 


New year - new rules

The New Year brings us expected and unexpected things. Unfortunately, everything becomes more expensive - energy, materials, so we are forced to raise prices. In addition, a new EU regulation on tattoo pigments comes into force from the New Year. There are new inks on the market with new formulations that comply with these standards, unfortunately the prices for the inks are up to double compared to the inks from last year. Therefore, from 1 January 2022 we have a new tattoo price list, divided into prices for black and white and colour tattoos. The prices are listed in the "Price list" tab. For more information, please contact us.


GIFT CARDS, T-shirts, caps and more

Looking for a last minute original gift? You can buy a voucher for a tattoo, a T-shirt with an original motif, airbrush caps, prints of paintings or Martin's sketchbook. For more information, visit our Facebook page, Instagram or contact us by email or phone.


We will tattoo at a biker meeting Euro Bike Fest 17. 9. - 18. 9. 2021

Big Lake Tattoo - The name of our Tattoo tent area.
Where? Motorbike festival EuroBike Fest in Pasohlávky - right next to the main stage.
When? 17. 9. and 18. 9. 2021 working 9:00 - 21:00 (both days).
What to expect? Tattoos, Piercing, Massages, Merchandise and Photoshoot corner where you can be part in a contest to win Tattoo vouchers.
Who's gonna be there for you? 
Tattoo studio Fantasmagoria Art and several other studios from around Moravia and Silesia.
More information on our BigLake Tattoo facebook page.
You can book your spot for a tattoo in advance via FB pages Fantasmagoria Art or BigLake Tattoo.

We're looking forward to see you there! 
Fantasmagoria Art Team.


Current information about the operation of the salon

- In our salon we always observe hygiene measures. Respirators and increased hand hygiene are mandatory - for both clients and tattooists! Don't forget that there are other diseases than Covid 19. So we protect each other against all touch and airborne diseases.
- Clients cannot bring an escort to their tattoo appointment, correction or consultation. Children and pets are not allowed in the salon at all. Escorts can only come with a client under the age of 18 or a client with a medical disability.
- Clients may only come to the salon with a prior phone or written appointment! Without an appointment, the client will not be admitted to the salon.
- Please keep to the exact appointment times - do not come early or late! This respects our time spent with other clients or preparing the work area!


Exhibition of paintings by Fantasmagoria Art group

We cordially invite you to an exhibition of paintings by our entire Fantasmagoria Art gang. The opening will be on June 3, 2021 at 18:00 in the Mlejn Gallery in Ostrava - Přívoz (above the club Musical Bazaar), free admission, entry with a respirator.
Artists: Martin Kapošváry, Karel "Charlie" Doležal, Nikola Nosreti and Alžběta Kapošváry. Drawings, paintings and photographs will be exhibited. The exhibition is for sale and will last the whole month of June. Gallery opening hours are according to the current schedule of Galerie Mlejn. We are looking forward to seeing you! 


Reopening from 5/10/2021

From Monday 10 May we are open again. We will tell you the current conditions of visiting our salon by phone or follow our Facebook Fantasmagoria Art (icon on the top right of this page). The government pulls rules out of their hat like rabbits, so always contact your tattoo artist before you decide to visit our salon. We will be happy to give you updates :) We look forward to seeing you! Your Fantasmagoria Art team


Interview in Czech Radio Ostrava with Martin Kapošváry

Last week Martin gave an interview to Czech Radio about his work, tattoos, salons and other interesting things. You can listen to the interview here: https://ostrava.rozhlas.cz/neni-tetovani-jako-tetovani-setkani-s-taterem-martinem-kaposvarym-vystudovanym-8472459?fbclid=IwAR0LOJyYEwHR-_dAxZO4pNeNSzNKCCgvPXP1u_9OsubKOjG3USf3vUq0wTQ 
Thank you very much to Mrs. Iva Piskalova who did the interview :) 


Close now

We are not tattooing at the moment and we don't know when we will be able to again. Clients who have cancelled appointments will be contacted with alternative dates when we know for sure what and how. New clients can book by phone, email or Facebook from May onwards. We are processing tattoo proposals. Voucher, t-shirt or image reproductions can be picked up in person at the salon by appointment. We are now using our time differently creatively, beautifying the salon and private spaces and creating with ceramics, painting and magic. If you have an acute problem or query, please contact your tattooist - Martin, Niky, Charlie. Thank you for your understanding, this situation is not at all easy for us and we are glad that you respect our "free" time. Take care and hope to see you in the near future, Fantasmagoria Art team


Once again we are CLOSED due to government regulation

So we're banned again because of a government regulation. We are monitoring the situation and will keep you informed of the progress. We are currently closed until further notice. We don't trust the government to calm things down in a few weeks...
There must be no tattoos or consultations.
SALES OF TATTOO VOUCHERS AND T-SHIRTS ARE UNINTERRUPTED. If you are interested, please contact us.
We wish you all good health and good nerves.

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Tattoo voucher

Are you considering what gift to buy for Christmas, birthday or anniversary? What about a tattoo voucher? You can buy vouchers from our tattoo artists (Charlie, Nikol, Martin). 
Vouchers are transferable and valid for 2 years.
The minimal value of the voucher is 500 CZK.


We will tattoo at a biker meeting EURO BIKE FEST 2020

18. and 19.9. 2020 we will be tattooing in the Big Lake Tattoo tent right next to the main stage! ???? We offer tattoos for festival visitors, in case of interest do not hesitate to contact us.
This year you can look forward to a photo corner, where you can compete for discounts on tattoos. More information on the Big Lake Tattoo event https://www.facebook.com/events/3247773388570994


Reopening from 5/25/2020

Our studio is permitted to reopen on 25th of May. 
We will operate under Strict hygienic conditions til the end of June ( not only whilst tattooing.). 
We kindly ask all the clients to always arrive ALONE and bring CLEAN facemask, their own water/drink (in lockable container). 
About consultations - Always get in touch with the tattooer and arrange the time of consultation IN ADVANCE to prevent grouping and reduce the social contact. 
Thank you for your comprehension, 
we are looking forward to see you, Team Fantasmagoria Art.


Closed until further notice due to the spread of coronavirus

Due to the current unimproved situation, we are announcing that our salon is closed until further notice. We are awaiting the government's statement on what will and will not happen. But we all have only one health. A new tattoo means a weakening of the body! So please keep in mind that even if we could tattoo anymore, we don't want to expose you to the possibility of lowered immunity. That's what germs like!
Thank you for your understanding and we wish you good health.
PS: For now we are cancelling all appointments until 5.4, we will see what happens next.


Salon closed to 24. 3. 2020

Due to government regulation, we are forced to have the salon closed until March 24,2020, we will call all clients who have agreed appointment during these dates, alternative dates will not be offered yet, because we do not know what will happen in upcoming weeks. When the situation calms down, we will call all clients from these dates again and arrange alternative date. Thank you for your understanding, your Fantasmagoria Art team. PS: Take care


Caution please!

Due to the emergency measure in our country to todays date consultations via phone, facebook or e-mail only (until further notice). To prevent 

The studio is not closed, we still continue in work, you can reserve a tattoo session.
Please do not enter with any company - to avoid a higher number of people in the studio - friend, partner, or child.
Please do not enter with any illness!
Please comply higher hygiene standards!

Thank you for your attention, stay safe, Fantasmagoria Art team.


You can pay by credit card now

From 1 March you can pay by credit card. We accept: Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Apple Pay, Google Pay.


Pay by credit card

Pay by credit card in our salon soon! :) More info soon at Fantasmagoria Art facebook page :) 

Now you can pay only in cash.


Tattoo voucher

Looking for an original gift for Christmas, Solstice, birthday or anniversary? Give a voucher for a tattoo! :) The voucher can have any value from 1 000 CZK. The voucher is transferable and has no limited validity period. We will be happy to tell you more in person, via e-mail or by phone.


Tattoo Session Silesia 2019

This year we will again be part of the tattoo convention in Opava! This year we will be presenting our biggest tattoo booth yet, we will have three tattoo artists (Martin, Jessie, Charlie) and our great assistants :). There will be the opportunity to get tattooed, the possibility to buy prints of the images or just chat with you :). Martin will be doing bodypainting this year, he will also have an exhibition of paintings! 

If you would like to take part in the tattoo competition as a model, feel free to contact us.

We look forward to seeing you on October 4 and 5, 2019 in Opava
More information on our Facebook page Fantasmagoria Art


Exhibition of paintings from Martin Kapošváry

We would like to invite you to an Art exhibition of Martin Kapošváry a.k.a. Satan! 

 Since last year Martin has been experimenting with a new painting concept which he would like to share with the world!

The exhibition is going to take place on 16th 16:00 - 20:30 and 17th 13:00 - 19:00 of August 2019.

Paintings are purchasable.

Free entry - good mood ONLY 

Place of the exhibition- Fantasmagoria Art Tattoo Studio, Karpatská 39, Ostrava - Zábřeh



We are going to be at biker meeting Euro Bike Fest 2019 second year in row for you! In our Big Lake Tattoo tent you can meet 7 great Tattoo artists from Moravia and Silesia, including us of course :). We are looking forward to see you in Pasohlávky, May 24th - 25th 2019.


Thinking of gifts for Christmas, birthday, retirement?

We offer gift vouchers in any value over CZK 1,000. The voucher can be used for tattooing, photography, bodypainting, facepainting, airbrush, custom painting or drawing. The voucher can be picked up either at our salon or we can send it by post :)! Vouchers have unlimited validity.


Tattoo Session Silesia 2018

On 5th and 6th October we will be tattooing at a tattoo convention in Opava again! Come and see us (and not only us), have a chat and enjoy an interesting atmosphere of an old church that's no longer in service :). We are looking forward to seeing you, your Fantasmagoria Art team.



This year, we are going to be tattooing at the Euro Bike Fest! We prepared for you 10 great tattoo artists (including us :) ) from all over the Czech Republic! We will be there from 25.-27.5. 2018. We are looking forward to meeting you! Should anyone be interested in booking a date in advance, please contact us on facebook or via e-mail. Thank you, your Fantasmagoria Art team.

Euro Bike Fest, Pasohlávky, CZ


Tattoo convention in Germany

This year we are going to be at tattoo conventions in Germany again! In DRESDEN at 3.-4.2. 2018 and in LEIPZIG at 3.-4.3. 2018. We are looking forward to seeing you! :) Should anyone be interested in booking a date in advance, please let us know via a facebook or e-mail. Thank you, your Fantasmagoria Art team. :)


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