Alžběta Kapošváry

Photography is the art form closest to my heart. To capture a moment with the push of a button. To keep a whole story through each photograph. To share an experience. That is the purpose of my work.

What kind of stories would they be though if they weren’t told? For me, displaying my photos is one of the most important parts of the whole cycle of photography. Each viewer comes with their own story. We then place the photographs in different dimensions and we discuss how and why we see what we see in them…

I specialise in free photography as well as bespoke photography – weddings, company events, gatherings, children, family photos, themed events and photos for your living room (pleasant photographs of nature, which accentuate the beauty of your interior – no kitsch).

After graduating from high school I studied Applied Physics at Vysoká škola báňská – Technical University of Ostrava, but unfortunately it was impossible to combine university with photography due to time constraints.


2012 – Untitled – Industrial Secondary School and High School – Vítkovice
2012 – Untitled – Jiné Kafe Café
2012 – Untitled – Antakarana
2014 – “Everyday Details” – Na Větrném Kopci Teahouse
2015 – “New Perception” – Atlantik Club
2015 – “Face to Face” – part of T-Film Festival Ostrava
2016 – “Sofa Art” – Blanch Café
2017 – “Feared Sensuality” – La Petite Conversation


2012 – Part of Youth4You(th) Festival
2013 – Part of Youth4You(th) Festival
2014 – “Water in a Thousand Forms” – part of Ekofilm Festival Ostrava
2014 – Part of Youth4You(th) Festival
2015 – Part of Youth4You(th) Festival


2012 – “Colourful World Around Us” – special prize – House of International Services
2013 – “Clothes Make the Man” – Fotofest CZ/PL
2013 – “Life Snaps” – Bridge Magazine


2013 – 2015 – Photography for Youth4You(th) Festival
2014 – 2016 – Photography for the presentation of JA Czech
2014 – 2016 – Photography for the presentation of the Faculty of Natural Sciences at the University of Ostrava and for the presentation of the University of Ostrava
2015 – Photography for Barcamp Ostrava
2016 – Strategic plan for educational and creative activity 2016 – 2020, Faculty of Natural Sciences at the University of Ostrava
2017 – Photography for the MOST Pro Tibet (Bridge for Tibet) organization