The Atelier

In our studio we specialise in various techniques, which we utilise for bespoke art as well as for our own enjoyment.
You can find examples of our work in the Gallery section.
We concentrate on the following techniques:


Airbrush is a painting technique involving the use of a spray gun. Most of the paint we use for this technique is acrylic based. This includes car paint as well as drawing ink for illustrations. The paint for body art is make-up based. Newly, we also offer UV airbrush painting!
Airbrush can be applied on virtually any material – plastic, metal, paper, wall, fabric, skin, etc. We use this technique for painting cars, motorcycles, helmets, mobile phones, PC’s and laptops, motorcycle vests, t-shirts and fashion accessories.
We also like using this technique for bodypainting. Bodypainting shows are a popular activity at themed events.
And have you heard of temporary (fake) tattoos? It is the application of a tattoo design using the airbrush technique with the help of templates (which we make ourselves), so children and adults alike can try what it’s like to have a tattoo painlessly. These tattoos can last up to three days! This is also a very popular attraction at events where the hosts would like the guests to leave with a nice (or badass) memento.
Airbrush has become an inseparable part of Martin Kapošváry's art. He has been using this technique since his school days, i.e. 2005.


Promotional Graphics
Martin Kapošváry has specialised in graphics since his secondary school studies. He can create typographs, logotypes, posters, flyers and other promotional material.
Creative Graphics
Nowadays, Martin Kapošváry only creates graphics marginally, but if you are interested, he is able to create graphics using the following techniques: woodcutting, monotype, drypoint, etc.


We can paint practically anything on any surface! We can paint any theme – this is entirely up to the client.
We offer techniques such as oil painting, acrylic, aquarelle and gouache. We mainly paint on the following materials: canvas, wood, stone, paper, interior and exterior walls.
Our favourite themes include fantasy, nature, space and biomechanics.


Photography is the domain of Alžběta Kapošváry in our team. She specialises in free photography as well as bespoke photography. She photographs weddings, themed events, children, families and photos for your living room (pleasant photographs of nature, which accentuate the beauty of your interior – no kitsch). In her free photography, she concentrates on capturing stories of time flowing.
We can print photographs on paper or canvas.


We draw using various materials such as pencil, charcoal, sepia, pastel, pen, marker etc.
Martin Kapošváry uses this technique daily, as the given tattoo themes require sketching using various drawing techniques.